A Journey to the

Motherland: Taste of Home


Estrellita is a gem an upcoming star of the Historic Grant Park Area. Nestled between Manny’s Pub & Patio, Jimmy John’s and Wright Style Salon, its the perfect symbolism of comfort and belonging.

A major key of Filipino Culture is : food, family, and fun which as a community, and holistically take serious pride in these things. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to experience gatherings, celebrate birthdays, holidays, or even a day with a Filipino Friend you will quickly understand this.

The eatery boasts the vibrancy, feel-good atmosphere, and lightheartedness you experience if you ever get a chance to travel to the motherland of the Phillipines.

Dishes like : lumpia, bihon, pancit, adobo ( various types) , cornbeef, or some classic favorites like Lechon Kawali  are some of the ICONIC flavors and dishes I grew up on as a good, into my adulthood and present.


It’s by far a flavor and a quality you will never experience unless you try it first hand.


( LECHON KAWALI : pork belly, boiled, and fried to perfection. Juicy and Moist with a savory crunch bite to begin.)

(Traditional Lumpia: Made with either Chicken, ground pork, group shrimp, and vegetables)


Pancit: Served with either chicken, beef, or shrimp versions. Savory noodles that are light and filling, usually served with cabbage, carrots, and green beans.

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